The best way to waste time, create frustration, practice procrastination and delay a business project is to lack clarity on the place you want to end up. 

I know this is probably not news if your in the business of running a business you will likely have read books, been on training courses, listened to audios by experts and signed up to webinars that tell you the importance of having clarity.

I may have a different take on it because I work from the inside out, not the other way around.  It just makes sense to me that if YOU are in everything you do then you had better know who YOU are.  That means all of you, no hiding, no pretending or acting.  Just the raw, unedited version of you.

When I hold a ‘clarity’ session with a client I start by outlining what they believe they want but all the while I’m looking for the reasons why they want it, how bright their eyes are when they talk about it. I’m listening for the traps they are setting up for themselves on the way and I’m really looking for where they are out of alignment with their true essence, their IDENTITY. 

Today I was working with a new client to help her find clarity in her new business project.  We had already completed her IDENTITY recognition in a previous session.  So I am armed and dangerous because I have a good idea of who she really is.  Of what’s important to her at her very core.

We start off well with a vision she has, go off down some alley ways that take us nowhere in particular but allow her the luxury of story telling, exploration of thoughts and time to verbalise her chaotic mind map.  STOP I say.  Rewind!! 

Where are You in this vision?  What happened to the creative soul?  Where did the expert disappear to?  Who are you trying to please here? When did the inner light of passion go out?

You see I find that when you allow yourself the luxury of staying in character, as your true self, then true expression wins the day.  No hiding or pretending.  Then, the moment you are asked to put that beautiful vision into a business concept or plan the ego jumps in, the little inner voice starts shouting to be heard, the Fear monster comes out of the cave in your mind and you start to overlay the truth with some fabricated version that you think will look good.

NO.  This is not clarity.  This is a foggy night in the forest and will lead you nowhere fast.

Bringing everything back to the truth of who you are is the way to get clarity.  See it, hear it, feel it with your heart and avoid the trap of thoughts leading you astray.

If you are a creative then build this element into everything you plan to do in your business.  If being passionate about nature is at the heart of your product then build in into every thing you say and do. If your passion is fueled by integrity and serving people then let that be your guiding light.

Deny nothing about who you are in your plans.  Find your way by being the leading light in your own way.

Clarity comes from within, from your heartfelt wisdom and knowing.  Then and only then put pen to paper, design your strategy and milestones toward your success and feel just how much fun this is going to be.

If you lack feelings of fun, joy, excitement and passion in your plans the clarity you think you have will soon become cloudy and distant and you will be going nowhere fast.

The word authentic is somewhat overused these days but I believe that overuse of any word is because its a good word.  A word that is descriptive and communicates a clear meaning.  So no apology for using it hear.

To be Authentic is to be real, to be true to yourself to your identity and have integrity in what ever you do.  This is the art of having fun in your serious business while staying in integrity and in your true IDENTITY. 

Be there!

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