Recently I have been given the opportunity to deliver a set of workshops on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for the employees of a large construction company.

When I made the decision to volunteer for redundancy three years ago I did not see me returning to the corporate world. I was done with the 9-5, the politics, the lack of freedom and feelings of restraint on my creativity.

I saw my future in the world of coaching and training within my own business. At that time I had no desire to step back into the Corporate world and up to recently that remained the status quo. However, this opportunity came my way by serendipity; not being one to ignore such things I followed the path and here we are.

I have found the journey very interesting in terms of how I have allowed my feelings to unfold, how I have allowed myself the luxury of exploring, with no particular outcome in mind, other than to have fun. Taking the path of least resistance is always a challenge because I am invited to visit my current beliefs and question them in order to free myself up for the new and exciting times that might come my way.

As I teach this philosophy I had better practice it hey?

The journey and result have been surprisingly delightful. I have discovered that some key values of mine e.g. integrity, serving, achievement, fun and choice can all be lived even if I choose to ‘step back in the game’ of corporate work. It’s just that as a consultant I have so much more choice. Choice of how to work, what to work for, when to work and for whom.

So my old framework of beliefs about working in the corporate world needed to be examined and pulled apart before building them up to see the truth of today and not the truth of the past.

I am feeling grateful that I can use years of experience, knowledge and implementation to serve in the world in this way. The company I am working with are wonderful,they hold similar values to my own while allowing me to be me. A culture that encourages personal growth and development in everyone so they can be the best. This has been the most delicious of discoveries.

I have learned that my truth of the past is best left there, in the past. It would not serve me to continue acting on those beliefs but it served me to revisit them and see them from the perspective of today. Perspective changes everything and often times will show you the unseen with bright lights and realisation descends.

If you have got to this stage of the article I would like to thank you for reading it. I hope you will glean some wisdom for your self in the content as it is my desire to enable success in any thing; for myself and others.

I’d love to know if you are currently taking any journeys of discovery and following a path of least resistance too.


The lesson of allowing yourself to unravel current beliefs and see the current truth not that of the past is liberating, surprising and fun.

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It never fails to amaze me how the past will creep into your current perception of reality and how powerful it is to unravel those beliefs and decide to see things differently.  I’d love to know if you have done this or would like to know how to.

I would appreciate it, if you feel inclined, if you would share this blog with others who you feel might benefit.

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading and absorbing my message.

Have Fun


The Foxy Fempreneur