About Me

A London girl at heart with a passion for life, I’m proud to have created a business that supports my chosen lifestyle while I have so much fun.

Through my award winning events business and coaching programmes I have worked with and helped 1000s of women just like you to dream big, believe in themselves, step into their true identity and live a life of choice.

One of the things I am often asked is

“How did you learn to do what you do?”

Truth is it’s a bit of nature and a bit of nurture.  That is to say that I was born an empath, learned how to love and be loved from a very early age, had a wisdom far older than my age and I love to learn, to educate myself and then share that with others.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated with the workings of the human mind, human behaviour, how our inner thoughts determine our life experience and how we interact with each other and the internal power we can use when we become aware of who we really are.

I am also passionate and quite good at a variety of unconnected things: swimming, dancing, singing, art, drama and creating of any kind but most of all I have the natural talent for talking, listening and accessing an internal wisdom that surprised me.

After years of climbing the corporate ladder, sacrificing time with my Husband and Children just to feel ‘successful’ I had enough. I understood that success on anything, but my terms was too big a price to pay.

I gave up the habit of pleasing everyone else and began to look for roles that would give me pleasure, be fun and use all my natural abilities. I Studied psychology to help one of my children and this changed everything for me.

I learned the power of the mind, the magic of a soul at peace with identity – the I AM.

I believe you must be true to who you are and have integrity in your actions if you want to live a happy life on your terms in this world.

This includes being true to yourself, embracing all your natural talents and gifts, your personality, your sense of humour and honouring all your soul cry’s out to express. I believe this philosophy applies to you whatever you are doing with your life. It is your birth right to have fun, find happiness and be all of you.

Most importantly, I believe that no matter what you dream of becoming it is possible if you embrace life, if you smile instead of frown, if you laugh and play, if you break free from your conditioning and listen to your soul.

Living a life with this philosophy and a true passion for life has led me to experience some amazing and wonderful times, to weather life’s storms and to open my heart to giving and receiving oodles of love.

I am most grateful that I learned these life lessons before 2015, my year of greatest adversity. I survived breast cancer, became redundant from my corporate role, our youngest Son left home and my Husband died.

Everything changed, I mean everything.  I was grieving for the loss of so many things and could quite easily have sunk into a depression but……

With a different perspective I learned to grieve with grace, to see the positives in the circumstances, to seek out my inner strength and lean on those I loved. Not all was lost.

Which brings me to you!

I’m here to serve. My business is built on a bedrock of love, a passion for what’s possible and a commitment to be an unstoppable force for good.

Through free content, paid online training programmes, events, personal coaching and anything else I might offer, I am in this to make a difference.  To help you build a serious business that is fun and allows you to have what you desire and deserve.  To have a life that is unique to you, bespoke to you and created by you.

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Whether you are newly widowed or have been rebuilding your life for a while or you are ready to make a big change in your personal life, I’m here to help you fulfill your dreams and have fun doing it.

I am proud and deeply grateful to earn a living doing what makes me smile and laugh and feel happy.  But you should know that I am building a bank of work that you can access free of charge too. 

I don’t know you yet, or maybe I do but I do know that I will continue to explore, have a child like curiosity, make blunders and the odd spelling mistake but I refuse to live my life feeling judged by others or even myself to be anything less than amazing. I want this for you too.

So, my commitment is to bring you the very best of what I have to offer while I keep living and learning, while I grow even more, go even deeper into my identity and stay true to me. I may not deliver perfection, but I am really good with loving my imperfections, with tuning into my natural wisdom, with holding the space for you to grow and serving from a place of deep love.

If you’re still with me I trust this is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship. And, for that to happen I would love to learn more about you. 

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I have fun being in front of people, in real life or on screen. So I will be telling you more about living a life of choice in my FB lives and occasionally I may email to ask you too but I promise not to overwhelm you – that’s just not much fun.

I walk you through the fundamentals of empowering you to create more fun in your life of choice. Can’t wait for you to listen.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we’re connected and I’m excited for the journey ahead.

With all my love,