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Hey Gorgeous,

I’m Julie, you can find out more about me here.

For now Welcome to a whole new world of possibilities!

The biggest mistake female entrepreneurs make when building their business, is that they take it all too seriously. Leading to isolation, burn out, fear of judgement, failure and end up being more stressed and overwhelmed than before they decided to cut the rat race and work for themselves.

My 25 years in business has taught me to bring happiness and fun into my business. I have worked with and influenced 1000’s of women to change their mindsets and behaviours so they can enjoy their businesses and their lives. I want to help even more women to build lifestyle businesses that serve them, that make them happy and reward them handsomely.

Below you will see my 7 principles for you to build a serious business that is fun, with real integrity and ownership of your true identity. Let’s crack on …

#1 Fun Seeking

Having fun is no joke! My business supports my lifestyle, its my bread and butter so it has to work but I’m not prepared to sacrifice my joy and happiness doing it.  Are you?  I chose to be self employed; I chose to run my own business doing what I love.  Did you?  Do not be a slave to your conditioning, to other’s rules and regulations.  Build your business on your terms.

There may be tasks that need doing that appear to be boring or difficult, so if I do them I choose a way to do them that feels good and if I can’t find a way I outsource the task.

Example – I recently had to change 35 client contracts, essentially an admin task that was boring.  So I decided to call every client as I amended their contract.  Result, I had fun and found joy in speaking to all my very important clients while I completed the task.  Did it take longer?  YES.  Was it worth it? YES.  I sold two new programmes in the process.  So I got to serve my clients at a deeper level, while connecting with them and having fun.

What could you change today?

#2 Lifelong Learner

To EXCEL is another one of my principles for living the Foxy Lifestyle.  Be a master of your craft and of yourself, be the best and practice, persistence and consistency will get you there.  To be a master of anything takes focused input, curiosity and an adventurous spirit.

So open up to learning every day of your life with a childlike curiosity.  Lift the rock to see what lies beneath.  Pull the curtain aside to see what waits behind it.  Remember how it felt to be this way?  Try it and see what fun you can create in everyday life.

#3 Self Care

Here’s a fundamental principle that will save you from yourself.  Any concept you have about sacrificing yourself for others is a path to burnout, tiredness and maybe depression.

Come from a place of knowing you ‘deserve’ what you want.  You put yourself first and look after yourself.  Have fun and fill yourself up so you can be the best you in everything you do.

Be ready to receive all that is yours.  Be grateful and appreciative and watch that vibration run through your life, your business, your relationships, your health and your wealth.  “It’s a feelings thing.”

#4 Dare To Be Different

Be amazing in your thoughts, words and actions.  Choose to be fantastic, marvellous and even odd.  How about being surprising?  Just be wonderful.

You see to be in the ‘sea of sameness’ is to be like a needle in a haystack; difficult if not impossible to find.   For most of you, YOU are your business.  So be all of you, don’t hide anything of your true identity to fit in or be accepted.  People will feel you, know you and trust and buy from you when they see who you really are.

Think of someone you admire and who you perceive to be successful.  Are they being just like everyone else or are they shining brightly in the World, proud to be who they are?

#5 Evolve Immediately

EXPAND – expand beyond your comfort zone, just like a FOX go beyond the boundaries that exist at the thought of the prize that lies beyond, be brave and courageous in your seeking of joy.

When you learn something valuable, implement it fast. If you feel the change would serve your higher good and that of others, then do it now.  Make the leap and choose to evolve immediately.  Don’t wait around or allow your mind to talk you out of it. If it’s worth doing then find a way to integrate the learning fast.

#6 Use Your Magic

Hocus, Pocus, Focus and watch the magic begin.  Whatever you give focus to will manifest in your life.  When the Fox focuses on finding food do you think it finds it?

So what are you focusing on?  The things that are not working so well?  The problems you have to solve? The people who just don’t do what you want?  The lack of control you have?

Here is the way to turn that around and find the magic.

Focus on the lessons you are learning and implement the change.  Look at your problems as opportunities to find the most amazing solutions. You cannot change other people so change your perception and attitude and lastly, it’s an illusion to think you can control anything so set your intentions and be flexible.

Have fun using your magic, the magic within, your wisdom is your magic.

#7 Pay It Forward

EXCEPTIONAL – Serve your clients/customers as exceptional beings.  Give exceptional service to them, in the best way you know how.  Do not be ordinary, be above average.

Watch how this energy and intention will come back to you tenfold.  Share what you know, support others, pass on what you know and teach whenever you can.

Promote others, give testimonials, give praise and give a hand up to those who are climbing the ladder behind you.  Link people to people, collaborate and work together without fear of lack for the World is an abundant place.

Be generous in your  outlook and behaviour so that you pay all the good in the World forward, the law of attraction will bring more of this to you.