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Someone once said asked me “what’s the 3rd secret option”.  It got me thinking. 

I realised that I had probably been taught or educated to bring options down to one or two choices.  Seeing the benefits and disadvantages of each option to help me decide, which way to go.

When in fact, there are always a host of options to consider, some of them a secret to you before you uncover them.  Lurking in your unconscious mind, hiding in the shadows of fear or not even born through your imagination yet.

Through the ‘Options’ programme we go exploring, finding the impossible, questioning the outrageous, daring you to step into the unknown with confidence.  Finding answers you didn’t know were there for you.

Over 20 years of experience I have found that people may ‘settle’ for the life they have rather than being open to possibilities, to see they have options. 

The programme supports the explorer in us all, it enables, encourages and engages the confident you to step out into the unknown.