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With ease

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 The May Foxy Club Event for 2020. While we are unable to meet in person we are meeting in the Zoom room for a virtual blast.


Early Bird Special Discount:


£24 (60% off)

Days Hours Minutes Seconds

Enabling you to use your magic, experience joy and have fun with real integrity and ownership of your true identity


‘Create Content with Ease’

Create an info product in three hours

Position yourself as an Author with ease

Get your message out there with confidence
Get the encouragement you need to get results!

So excited to see you on this event page.

It’s my opportunity to tell you what it’s all about and give you the chance to take fast action.

My mission is …..

To enable women to build lives that are fun with real integrity and ownership of their true self

Is this YOU?

When you attend this 3 hour training event you will experience what it feels like to learn while you have fun with a local peer group that have decided to change the way they live their life

I will be introducing you to my Foxy approach and sharing all my secrets to living a life filed with magic and joy

  • Build a business that brings you joy
  • Develop loving relationships
  • Honour your personal values
  • Discover your inner self
  • Save yourself pain from the experience of 100’s of my clients

So, if you are ready to be pain free, build a life that brings you great fun and joy then grab your ticket now

The biggest mistake women make when building their lives is that they can take it all just a bit too seriously. Leading to isolation, burn out, fear of judgement and failure and end up being stressed and overwhelmed.  Leading to ill health, both mental and physical.

My 25 years as a self development coach has taught me to bring happiness and fun into my experiences. I have worked with and influenced 1000’s of women to change their mindsets and behaviours so they can enjoy their businesses and their lives. I want to help even more women to live a lifestyle of choice that serves them, that makes them happy and rewards them handsomely.

If you are ready then contact me for a chat or come along as my guest to the next event


  • Approach every day with enthusiasm
  • Fall in love with your life
  • Implement techniques enabling you to work to live

I’ll see you at the next event x

When & Where

Zoom Room – Private link will be sent to you on receipt of payment

Your chosen Device

Friday 15th May2020

9.45 – 13:00

Grab a cuppa a pad and a pen and be ready to have fun in your serious business Today!

Book now and receive a FREE discovery call,
empowering you to shift your mindset today


Early Bird Special Discount:


£24 (60% off)

Working with Julie really made me focus on myself, on who I am, what’s important to me and my identity. This has helped me with the direction of my work and life as a whole. I have now given myself permission to let go of things which were not lighting me up and bringing me joy. I am excited about a future that is fully aligned with who I am. Thank you Julie.
Claire Doherty
Claire Doherty
The Work that Julie did with me on identity and Ikigai was a gentle yet profound process. The resulting insights have remained with me and helped me with the direction I needed to take my business in.
Lesley Hossner
Lesley HossnerEnglish Expression
Julie is inspiring and nurturing. Everything Julie teaches is done in such a loving way that makes me feel completely safe. Working with Julie has helped me to have many ‘aha’ moments and given me breakthroughs that have helped me to grow on my journey. On top of all that Julie’s sexy and sassy style of working makes every session with her fun and uplifting.
Carol Hanson
Carol HansonWant Her Outfit & Ufurria
Working with Julie has been an enjoyable journey into myself. With her loving and light handed approach, she creates a safe space for growth and self exploration. I always enjoy my time with Julie, feeling held and feel that she sees the very best version of me which allows me to believe that might really be me.
Claire Humphries
Claire HumphriesInspire Aspire
Thank you for today Julie, it was lovely talking to you. I can’t believe how quickly you helped me identify a business to take forward. I’m excited, it’s like a weight has been lifted. I’ve been searching for so long, but it was already in me, I just needed someone like you to see through my blocks. xx
Jacqueline Gardner
Jacqueline GardnerNew Business Startup


Early Bird Special Discount:


£24 (60% off)

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